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Volumetric Dual Rotor Pump
The volumetric dual rotor pump dispenses NORD-TECH®
two component adhesives with high precision and
repeatability. Applications include drop or bead
dispensing or potting. The dispenser is a rotating
volumetric displacement system. It consists of a rotor
and a stator. The different geometries of the rotor and
stator cause the formation of cavities. Rotation of the
rotor in the stator generates a flow that is proportional to
rotary angle. The amount of adhesive dispensed is
dependant on the speed and rotational movement of the
System Monitoring
All critical system function status is displayed on front
touch panel. If a fault occurs the system display will show
it and require the operator to clear the fault before
production can continue.
Process Monitoring
Critical process functions have high and low limit
setting capability. From the process setting screen the
ratio and pressure limits can be set that define the
process. A system setting screen is used to define
variables related to the specific application. Both
screens can are password protected so only authorized
personnel can make changes.


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